‘Freeze’ the day

A wolf cub must overcome a dangerous mission in this graphic novel




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FBookTrib.com eba is an orphaned white cub experiencing her first brutal winter alongside her wolfpack in Snowlands. As the weather worsens, the pack begins facing trouble. First, their primary food source of sheep disappears, followed by the suspicious deaths of resident wolves. Their wounds show an attack never seen by the pack — a single puncture wound from a horn. As the lack of food and ongoing attacks plague the pack, the elder wolves believe these events are caused by Feba. This is because white wolves are considered a bad omen, and the pack leaders feel the only way to reverse their misfortunes is to kill Feba. The young wolf overhears this plan and runs away, only to send the wolves advocating for her safety into an arduous hunt for her. Exciting adventures and new friendships Unaware that she has wolves remaining on her side, Feba gathers new companions in the wild. The first animal Feba encounters is Usha, a snow leopard on her own quest. Usha will not tell Feba where she’s going, but she’s traveling alone — and insists she likes it that way. It’s not until the wolf cub successfully leads the pair out of a dangerous maze that Usha explains herself; she is looking for a lost family member. Having not been able to find answers on her own, she’s on her way to see Seeras, a mystical monkey who can answer any question. As their daring adventure continues, the pair encounters Batu, a bubbly young cat who offers endless moral support. While the trio overcomes threats such as overgrown apes and vulture attacks, their inherent differences prove to be a problem. Usha’s independent nature gets the best of her, and she reverts to her belief that she’s better off alone. Already familiar with abandonment from her wolfpack, Feba takes this personally and runs away again. Soon after her disappearance, Usha learns that other animals are on the hunt for Feba, and it’s not just the wolves from her previous pack. But what do these other animals want with Feba? What other omens come with being a white wolf in Snowlands? And do Feba’s new hunters have anything to do with the uncharacteristic attacks on the other wolves? An abundance of character development “Snowlands: A Blood Moon” is a graphic novel complete with exciting adventures and unlikely friendships. While the only text in this novel is the dialogue, there is no shortage of setting or character detail. The vivid illustrations allow the reader to follow the trio’s quest through their own eyes, and the expressive depictions of each character capture their emotions to the fullest. Through the dialogue, the characters develop their own voices teeming with individual personalities. Reminiscent of stories such as “The Lion King” and “The Jungle Book,” this graphic novel is perfect for readers who enjoy tales of fantastical animals on a quest. The writing is simple enough for young readers to enjoy, while the evolving storyline, deeper themes and the internal and external conflicts the characters face also make this an appealing pick for older readers of graphic novels.