Features changes could prove to be a costly mistake



St. Louis Post Dispatch



I believe the Everyday section changes are extremely short sighted. Most of the beloved comics have been slashed or substituted. The comics were one of the main attractions of the Post-Dispatch that made it special. I have been a subscriber to the PostDispatch for at least 40 years, reading it with breakfast in the morning, always looking forward to the comics after reading all the bad news of the day. Now I don’t recognize it anymore, and 90% of the comics I liked are gone. If that’s the new policy of Lee Enterprises, perhaps the company should also consider cutting the sports section to one page to also save space. There also could be space savings by eliminating a whole lot of subscribers to make way for eliminating the newspaper entirely. I have tried to read the paper electronically and was not able to find the extra comics that were promised in the e-edition. I think the paper has made a major mistake, and the readership has been misjudged. It will wind up costing much more than the savings the company hoped to obtain. Kevin B. Smith M.D. • Chesterfield