No more frittering away time with comics enjoyment



St. Louis Post Dispatch


Regarding “Changes unveiled today to Post-Dispatch comics and puzzles” (Sept. 13): Congratulations to the PostDispatch for finally modernizing the Everyday feature section. The time has come for us to realize that the world has become much too serious for us to fritter away our time being amused by frivolous comics. Good riddance, Sally Forth, Dustin, Hi and Lois, Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Funky Winkerbean and Lola. Those of us considered seniors have had our day. We are probably the major supporters of print media, but the world belongs to the young, who enjoy staring at a screen for hours on end. The numerous references to being able to find things online would play right into their hands. Just look at some of the recent stories in the new Everyday section that we can benefit from: I now know how to train a dog in case I ever have one. Even though I am way beyond being a teenager, I now know the pitfalls of screen use (very ironic, considering that we are now being encouraged to use devices to find our favorite items). And the burning question of whether suede shoes can be worn year-round is finally settled. Perhaps I will spend the extra time that I now have (time that I used to spend reading comics and working on the shorter daily crossword puzzle) meditating about why I am spending a great deal of money subscribing to a newspaper that no longer pleases me. Peggy Whalen • St. Charles