St. Louis Post Dispatch


Chat with Andrew Gates from the Missouri Department of Transportation, Larry Tyler from the St. Louis Streets Department, David Wrone from the St. Louis County Department of Transportation and Amanda Brauer from the St. Charles County Roads and Traffic Unit at 1 p.m. Wednesdays at MoDOT District Traffic Engineer Jeff Baird participated last week. Here’s an edited excerpt: Rob: I was driving down Eddie & Park Road the other day and between Sappington and Pardee road. The westbound lane is all paved and smooth; the eastbound lane is rough, old, bumpy and the top layers of pavement coming off. Any reason behind why both lanes weren’t paved? Wrone: A St. Louis County DOT contractor will be resurfacing Eddie & Park from Gravois Road to Sappington. However, the contract under which Eddie & Park will be repaved also includes two other roads: Valcour, from Heege to Gravois, and Hanna, from Big Bend to the city limits of Valley Park. At this time, the contractor hasn’t specified which of the three roads will be resurfaced first. Work will begin as soon as possible on the first of the three roads — ideally, by this fall. Skullduggery: The signal post on the northeast corner of Big Bend Boulevard at Oxford Boulevard (in front of McClain’s Corner Bar & Grill) has been knocked askew. The traffic and pedestrian signal heads no longer align properly. Please check it out. Wrone: Thanks for the report. I’ll forward this to our signals group for remediation. Umbrella: The dedicated left turn arrow from northbound Jefferson Avenue to westbound Interstate 44 seems to be very hit or miss as to whether it comes on. Any particular reason? Baird: This sounds like a possible detection issue. I have forwarded this concern to our signals team to investigate and make any needed adjustments. Thanks for the information. If you have a similar issue at any time, you may call our customer service center at 1-888-ASK-MODOT. Mark: Good afternoon. The grass and weed overgrowth at Bennington Place and Highway 364 is unsightly. I’ve been told in the past that crews maintain this intersection four times per season. Is that still the case? I’m not sure this area has been cleared all summer, and I’m hopeful that a maintenance crew can be directed here this week. Baird: Our maintenance crews have many priorities that they must manage. In addition to mowing, they have potholes to patch, drains to clean, debris to sweep, signs to install and repair, and much more. They try to work mowing in as priorities and workload permit. That being said, I have reached out to our maintenance representative for this area, and they indicated that the maintenance crews will try to get out to that area next week pending other priorities or emergency work. Thank you for sharing your concern. PaperReader314: Hello, can you please advise the new anticipated completion date for bridge on Aubuchon Road? Wrone: Our contractor began work on this bridge removal and replacement project on Aug. 22. With cooperative weather, we expect the new bridge to be open this fall — the sooner, the better, obviously.